2019.10.08 - 2019.10.08

Artist talk Pia Sandström

Lunch presentation of a soundproject by Pia Sandström

Tuesday, 8 October 12:15–12:45 pm
Gothenburg City Library
In Swedish

Artist Pia Sandström, a contributor to GIBCA 2019, talks about her work with a site-specific sound installation based on the area around the Haga neighbourhood of Gothenburg. We get a chance to hear about Sandström’s artistic process, in which she investigates the histories and geological layers exposed in conjunction with the excavations for the West Link infrastructure project. Sandström is working on the sound project until 2021, and this first part of the work can be seen as an archaeoacoustical core sample that conveys us deep into the Earth and into the myths and stories surrounding the people who have lived in the neighbourhood. Pia Sandström is based in Stockholm and works with sound, text, and textile.

The project is being undertaken by the artist and GIBCA in collaboration with the City of Gothenburg through its Department of Transportation and its Cultural Administration’s art unit, Gothenburg Art, within the framework for the West Link project.