GIBCA Extended is pleased to announce an Open Call for artists in the Västra Götaland Region to participate in an exhibition at Konstemidemin ahead of the GIBCA’s opening.

GIBCA Extended is a satellite program that brings together practitioners within the field of contemporary art from all over the Västra Götaland Region. During the autumn of 2017 the public will be able to enjoy art exhibitions, lectures and performances within the framework of a collaborative project involving art galleries, artists and the independent art scene in the region. This year GIBCA Extended is planning an exhibition at Konstepidemin from the 6th-10th of September. It will be four intense days! Programs, performances and talks with national and international artists will be held during the exhibition opening hours at Konstemidemin’s BAR 10.For this exhibition GIBCA Extended is now inviting interested artist to an Open Call.


·         Exhibition dates: 6th-10th of September 2017

·         There will be a comprehensive thematic premise for the exhibition

·          Approximately 15 artists will be given the opportunity to participate

Frame work:
GIBCA Extended invites artists to challenge, advance or reflect upon the theme of GIBCA 2017: The secular society of today. A topic that is highly relevant and provides many opportunities for different inputs and deepening investigations. GIBCA’s curatorial statement can be read at

The artists that will be selected to participate in the exhibition is selected by a group consisting of representatives from various GIBCA Extended 2017 participants. The deadline for submission is the 1st of June. Accepted artists will be notified by the end of June.

Application information:

·         Apply with one picture/visual design of an already existing art work together with a short text (max 2500 characters).

·         The Open Call allows only artists living and working in the Västra Götaland Region to apply.

·         GIBCA Extended pays every accepted artist an exhibition fee of 2 500 SEK inc. 6% vat.

·         Accepted artists are responsible for production and installation of his/her own art work at Konstepidemin.

·         GIBCA Extended will only accept requests from applicants who have filled in the application form on our web page.

·         Deadline is 1st of June 2017

Please contact Emelie Storm, GIBCA Extended project leader for any potential questions: