Skövde Kulturhus

Berättelser ur samlingen, 12/9-22/11

Address: Trädgårdsgatan 9, Skövde
Opening hours: Tuesday-wednesday noon-5 pm, thursday noon-7 pm, friday-sunday noon-4 pm

Jesper Norda – Horisont (Horizon)

In the work of painter and sculptor Elli Hemberg (1896-1994), light, form and movement are in focus. Restarting over and over again, she focuses on different angles and moves into yet other unexplored areas in her oeuvre. In this exhibition, Jesper Norda gives the architectural models of Elli Hemberg a horizon. In various video  and sound pieces, he approaches the model as a place where something new and undiscovered may find its form.

Conny Karlson Lundgren – Anna AS2156

The Swedish feminist artist Anna Sjödahl (1934-2001) did not separate her art work from her theoretical writing, her political engagement, or her personal life – everything was valued alike. In the piece Anna AS2156, Conny Karlson Lundgren continues his ongoing exploration into the function of the biographical material as political resistance. Meticulously he documents a fragment of the literary remains of Sjödahl, the first of seven workbooks donated by Sjödahl to the art collection of Skövde city.

Image: Konstmuseet, Skövde Kulturhus - Elli Hemberg viker en arkitekturskiss