2019.06.19 - 2019.06.19

Conversation with Sissel M Bergh

Meet Sissel M Bergh artist in residence to show works in GIBCA 2019 Part of the Labyrinth!

19 June  
Röda Sten Konsthall 

Join us for a conversation with Sissel M Bergh, an artist to present new works in the 10th edition of Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art in autumn 2019. Sissel M Bergh is in residence in Gothenburg in June with support from Iaspis Konstnärsnämden and Västra Götaland Region. 

The past is present, all though it is hidden in shades and backbones. How can we unravel our (lost and) entangled connections? I work with language, with histories and landscape which lies within South Sami language. Our landscapes and our histories. With the very local knowledge of living within landscapes with its non-human natives. How do or did we make sense of a greater whole? 

Sissel M Bergh (b.1974) works in several different technics and materials - and in cooperation with different kinds of knowledge. With films, objects, painting and drawing as investigation tools, she is investigating how to relate to and understand the world, to reread land, memory, power, magic, relations and art.  

Her most recent solo exhibitions is Okside rïhpesieh”(Doors opening) at Sámi Dáiddáguovdas, Sámi Center for Contemporary Art, Karasjok - in 2018. Group shows “Something moves slowly into a different direction” Kunsthall Trondheim 2017, "Edge of the sea" at Kunstmuseet Kube in Ålesund and Matters at heart, Telemark kunstsenter in 2019. Bergh is educated at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo, and University of Technology in Durban, South Africa. She was based in Lusaka, Zambia for several years before she arrived in Tråante/Trondheim. Currently the artist is working on an outdoor project "Raanen vuodna" - visualizing  Sámi presence in culture and history of Mo i Rana, to be finalised in august 2019.