2019.10.19 - 2019.10.19

Artist Talk: Doireann O’Malley

Artist talk with Doireann O'Malley about transgender studies, science fiction, biopolitics and technology

Saturday, 19 October 3–4 pm
Göteborgs Konsthall
In English

Curator Lisa Rosendahl joins artist Doireann O´Malley for a conversation about transgender studies, science fiction, biopolitics, artificial intelligence, and much more. The conversation is based on O’Malley’s practice, which explores fluid gender identities and how nature and technology, for example, are far more diffuse than our categorization of them would suggest.

O’Malley works primarily with video, and in the biennial the artist is showing the video installation Prototype II: The Institute for the Enrichment of Computer Aided Post Gendered Prototypes, which has been developed in collaboration with Armin Lorenz Gerold, who composed the music for the artwork.