GIBCA Extended Exhibition with regional artists in focus

At its 10th edition, Göteborg International Biennial of Contemporary Art (GIBCA) will present a group exhibition showcasing regional artists from Region Västra Götaland as part of its regional network GIBCA Extended. 

Application deadline: 23rd of April 2019 
Exhibition period: 06.09. – 27.10.2019

At its 10th edition, Göteborg International Biennial of Contemporary Art (GIBCA) presents a group exhibition showcasing regional artists from Region Västra Götaland as part of its regional network GIBCA Extended. The exhibition will introduce the local, national and international audience to the regional contemporary art scene. The artists presented in the exhibitions are selected on the base of an open call. All professional artists working with contemporary art based in Region Västra Götaland are eligible.
The initiative is a collaboration between GIBCA and 3:e Våningen, an artist-runned arena showcasing contemporary dance, art and music, that will host the exhibition. 

Exhibition period: 6th of September – 27th of October 2019 

The artists presented in the exhibitions are selected on the base of an open call. Please find bellow detailed information on the application process. 
The application is open to all professional artists working with contemporary art based in Västra Götaland Region.
The regional group show will be shaped in connection to the theme of the biennial. Artists are invited to apply to the GIBCA Extended exhibition with work related to the biennials motif and frameworkRead more about GIBCA 2019 and the curatorial concept here.


The selection of ten participating artists is made by a jury from the contemporary art scene in Region Västra Götaland. The selection process takes place in May. 


GIBCA offers support during the installation process of the exhibition. GIBCA covers insurance costs for the exhibition period. GIBCA communicates the project together with its partner 3:e Våningen. 
GIBCA pays a set exhibition fee to all ten participatiing artists to the GIBCA Extended Exhibition.


The application consists of a CV, a sketch or pictures of existing work, a short description of the project or artistic statement (maximum 2500 characters) 
Please send in your application by filling in the form by latest 23rd of April 2019

About GIBCA 2019 

GIBCA is a contemporary art project in Gothenburg, Sweden, that, through each edition, raises stark questions that deal with the complexity of our contemporary world and presents a diversity of artistic positions. GIBCA 2019 is curated by Lisa Rosendahl and titled Part of the Labyrint. In order to reflect on its locality and format, GIBCA has invited Rosendahl to curate both editions in 2019 and 2021. Autonomous in topicality and presentation, the coming biennials will seek to shape tools for sustained engagement in the local context and to better serve artistic processes. 
GIBCA 2019 uses entanglement and interconnectedness as motif and framework. The term entanglement has been used in quant physics from the beginning of the 20th century and denotes how the characteristics of one particle affect other particles in its surroundings – therefor one can never be perceived as separated. In recent years, theories about entanglement have been significant within feminist and posthuman theories, where the term is used to address the world as combination of unseparated differences. In 2019, the biennial will unfold across a number of Gothenburg sites where the particular context and histories of each venue are used as thematic starting points to be complicated, contested and expanded upon by the invited artists. 

About GIBCA Extended 

Throughout the entire exhibition period of GIBCA 2019, the art scene in Västra Götaland gives you the opportunity to enjoy exciting and interesting contemporary art presentations and experiences part of GIBCA Extended. The network of regional art actors, reigning from art galleries, museums, artist-run spaces to individual artists, creates programme and events inspired by the Biennial’s theme. Setting contemporary art at its core, GIBCA Extended invites you to share thoughts and experiences relating to the this years biennial.


For further information, please contact Cecilia Floris, responsible for communication and coordination for GIBCA Extended,