Kulturföreningen Tornet

Walking the Forest Imaginary: a public walk with Julie Poitras Santos 

Address: Nolhaga slott, Nolhaga allé 14, 441 55 Alingsås  

20 September, 6–8pm

Julie Poitras Santos (USA) has been invited to Alingsås by Kulturföreningen Tornet. For more than a decade, Poitras Santos has focused on wandering and the methodology of field work to look for and share knowledge, to create temporary communities and new stories. The relationship between place, story and mobility gives rise to a series of explorations of the relation between natural history, myths and tales; wandering as a way to listen to a place. At Alingsås, a site-specific research will weave together local history in a public walk/sound essay, to explore the relation moss–human and to establish the necessary connections to be able to imagine a vital future.