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Vänersborg konsthall

Debora Elgeholm, 19 Aug–30 Sep

Address: Kungsgatan 15, Vänersborg

Opening Hours: Monday–Friday 12–4 pm, Wednesday also evening opening 5 pm–7 pm, Saturday–Sunday 11 am–3 pm



Debora Elgeholm’s practice focuses on how events in society impact on religious notions. Her exhibition is based on the ‘ghost flyings’ reported in Norrbotten in the 1930s. The defence forces concluded that the sightings were Soviet reconnaissance aircraft. In spring 1934, the Korpela movement emerged in Tornedalen. They believed that an airborne, celestial silver ark was coming to take them to Palestine.

The next wave of flying objects came in 1946, when an image of Christ was seen in a mine in Kristineberg. A prophecy that “people will rise to the sky on a dragon-like, hissing object” began to circulate.

In 1951, the Pentecostal pastor Birger Claesson had a vision of how the Soviet Union would invade Sweden in the very regions where ‘ghost flights’ had been observed. This was around the same time and location as the Enbom spy affair took place.

C.G. Ljung claimed that the UFO rumours in the USA originated in the ‘ghost flights’ in Sweden in winter 1933/34, and that the myths of flying vessels sprang from the collective fear at the time of the Cold War.

Lectures (in Swedish) during the exhibition

Saturday, 2 September at 2 pm: Thomas Arnroth on his graphic novel Livets ord; Mina tio orimliga år som frälst.

Saturday, 30 September at 1 pm: David Thurfjell, professor of religion at Södertörn University.

The images are from the film Syner i Norrland (Visions in Norrland) by Debora Elgeholm.