Pannrummet at Konstepidemin

The Yellow Submarine – Angelica Olsson, 30 Sep–20 Oct Film Screening

Address: Konstepidemins väg 6, Gothenburg
Opening Hours: Tuesday–Thursday 12 noon–5 pm, Friday–Sunday 12 noon–4 pm


A cinematic essay (15:30 mins.) by Angelica Olsson, with music by Dag Rosenqvist.

In a traumatic situation, our perception ceases to be logical, our sense of time changes, and the brain constructs highways to that which is painful. Our awareness fragments into abstraction. Memory, the present and dreams fuse. The Yellow Submarine is a portrayal of a grieving process and a story about losing a family member. Grief is a subjective experience, but a condition we all share. Death is an inevitable part of life, but the why and when are highly dependent on the life we lead. The film is based on diary notes, text fragments and sporadic footage. Angelica Olsson uses media such as drawing, text and moving pictures. The imagery features compositions in greys, alternating from concrete figuration to abstraction. Her works often spring from specific situations that reveal details or fragments from a broader narrative.