GIBCA-Extended-2017-M-Nordiska Folkhögskolan

Nordiska folkhögskolan

Utsikten måste vara fri!, 7–10 Nov Exhibition

Address: Olof Palmes väg 1, Kungälv
Opening Hours: Information on the website and on Facebook


“The school in Kungälv needs to keep a clear view, not just of the Nordic region, but the whole world; Here, the focus must be on modern society and democracy, with a vigorous debate on ideas, and a passionate approach to issues of faith and philosophy.” These were the words of Carin Cederblad, co-founder of Nordiska folkhögskolan in 1947.

This autumn, GIBCA’s theme and the role of the arts will be processed by students at the Nordic Folk High School. For a few days in November, the public is invited to an exhibition, lively debates on ideas and a passionate approach to issues of faith and philosophy. Come and help keep a clear view.

Opening: Tuesday, 7 November at 2.30 pm–4 pm.