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Nääs konsthantverk

En Plats i Europa / A Clear Day, until 31 Sep / Flykten Valde Oss, 26 Aug

Address: Nääs Slott, Nääs Alle 3, Floda
Opening Hours: Please visit the website for dates and times



En Plats i Europa

The artist Cecilia Parsberg has designed The House—a mobile image sculpture with projections of light, photography and videos from within the translucent walls and roof. What and how much is determined by the location and the context in which the House participates. Cecilia Parsberg highlights and visualises the living conditions of many migrants, in and outside Europe—a condition that is becoming more common and is often hidden from the general public. The House juts into the ground. Like some of the boats with migrants on the Mediterranean that are unsuitable for transporting people, the EU and the Swedish rules are unsuited to the well-being of the people who arrive here. The House is Cecilia Parsberg’s and Nääs Arts and Craft’s attempt to take part in a positive discussion about the situation. How can integration and community be created?


A Clear Day, until 31 Sep

Participating artists: Helena Marika Ekenger (SE), Mikael Hansen (DK), Kaisu Koivisto (FI), Maria Lilja (SE), Cecilia Parsberg (SE), Agneta Segerfelt (SE), Greger Ståhlgren (SE) and Lise Wulff (NO),

The artists present site-specific sculptures and installations on the subject of migration and the flexibility of modern mankind. The exhibition focuses on the migration of modern human beings from Africa to Europe and Scandinavia some 70,000 years ago. The artists relate to a few historic places along this route. As a whole, the exhibition pieces together a timeless puzzle from various aspects of one of our major contemporary issues.


Flykten Valde Oss, 26 Aug

The composer Tormod Tvete Vik has written a choral work for twelve parts on the poem Flykten valde oss (Flight sought us out) by Stig Dagerman. The six-minute work is about having to flee from one’s country. Stig Dagerman’s poem was written in 1954 and has a lot to say about the world we live in today. The first performance will take place in Lekhuset at Nääs Castle with 150 singers on Saturday, 26 August.

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