GIBCA-Extended 2017 Konstnärscentrum Väst_M

Konstnärscentrum väst

(X)sites Sjuhäradsrundan and (X)sites Kattegattleden, 5 Aug–1 Nov Exhibition of Site-Specific Art



(X)sites is an exhibition organised by Konstnärscentrum väst, featuring site-specific temporary art in the landscape along the bike routes Sjuhäradsrundan and Kattegattleden. (X) stands for what we don’t know, sites represents the places, and excites = engages. The project is characterised by all these explorative elements: from the artists’ work on site, to the visitors’ encounter with the art and the countryside. Regional, Swedish and international artists will be involved in making works of art in specific locations throughout July until the opening on 5 August.

Tours, workshops and happenings will be organised near the works throughout the exhibition period, 5 August to 1 November.

Information on times and exact locations will be posted on the website.