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Konstmuseet Skövde Kulturhus

HARVEST – Julian Oliver, 14 Sep–19 Nov Exhibition

Address: Trädgårdsgatan 9, Skövde

Opening Hours: Tuesday–Wednesday 12 noon–6 pm, Thursday 12 noon–7 pm, Friday–Sunday 12 noon–4 pm



Julian Oliver (NZ/DE) has his roots in the 1990s activist hacker culture, and has scrutinised issues relating to society’s vulnerability and dependence on technology for more than 20 years. HARVEST is his new work, based on secular society’s worship of power and technology, and the frequently negative environmental impact of this blind faith.

INPUT is a sculpture, land art, and a technical innovation at the same time that will be placed on a cliff somewhere in the world. Inside the work there is a wind turbine and a powerful computer that generates cryptocurrency. This production is entirely legal, and anyone can, and is allowed to, do it, which makes it a global, democratic currency, free from protectionist interest rate policies and currency speculation. The system of HARVEST is completely self-sufficient, and its environmental impact is minimal; moreover, all the money it produces is donated to environmental organisations.

Konstmuseet will monitor HARVEST’s processes via satellite in real time, study models, drawings and provide everything visitors need to build their own, environmentally friendly, money machine.