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Konsthallen Trollhättan

I have enough guilt to start my own religion – Maria Q Brising, 16 Sep–15 Oct

Address: The Annex, Konsthallen Trollhättan, Nohabgatan 11, Trollhättan

Opening Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 11 am–4 pm, Wednesday 11 am–7 pm



With an installation of drawings and an open panel discussion, Maria Q Brising explores the role of art in secular society, and how we can meet constructively despite different beliefs. The installation demonstrates symmetry, focus and tranquillity. Caring for the darkness; taking care of darkness, fear and guilt. The art space as a refuge and breathing space.

The panel discussion deals with human rights, art, science and faith. Can contemporary art serve as a link, a catalyst for dialogue? Are science and knowledge the only way to develop, or do we need some form of ‘spirituality,’ perhaps now even more than ever?

Panel discussion (in Swedish): Saturday, 16 September, at 4 pm–6 pm, Hur kan vi skapa dialog mellan olika livsåskådningar? (How can we achieve dialogue between different faiths?).