GIBCA-Extended 2017 Fröydi Laszlo med Club Antropocen_M

Fröydi Laszlo with Club Antropocen

The Beautiful Star – Dreams from the Micro World, 13–15 Oct Exhibition and Try-Out Workshop

Address: Gallery 54, Kastellgatan 7, Gothenburg

Opening Hours: Saturday–Sunday, 12 noon–4 pm


On 12–14 May, 2017, the visual artist Fröydi Laszlo invited a group of artists, a priest and two kids to a workshop by the lake Erken. The idea was to study microscopic plants and creatures to get closer to the micro world, both artistically and through collective learning processes based on natural sciences, human ecology and ethics.

The microscope reveals a world full of intricate designs at cellular level. Order, symmetry and beauty are associated with the divine in many cultures, whereas the monocellular life in Christianity and evolutionary theory represents something far below mankind, which was created in the image of God.

This artistic exploration is about how to portray life, movement and shapes in a world where we are accustomed to a one-point perspective, shadows and foreshortening to signify space and distance.

Take part in reflections on many different levels and try drawing from enlarged projections of the micro world! You are welcome to bring your own water sample when you visit the exhibition.