GIBCA-Extended 2017 Fredrika Dorna Linn_M

Fredrika Anderson, Dorna Aslanzadeh & Linn Lindström

ILLOGICAL MOVEMENTS, 6–17 Sep Exhibition

Address: Kastellgatan 8, Gothenburg
Opening Hours: Tuesday–Friday 1 pm–5 pm, Saturday–Sunday 12 noon–4 pm

The exhibition ILLOGICAL MOVEMENTS is based on an encounter on board an aeroplane with an elderly man who was eagerly studying graphs in a thick folder with 300 printed pages, noting and tracing each curve. In the course of a conversation, these graphs turned out to be printouts of stock-exchange listings. As though they were organic creatures, he said, he was “trying to understand the market” through these ECG-like fluctuations in their ordinary-looking printed bible. A holy scripture, and yet totally worthless, since he left it behind on his seat. The document is now in the hands of the artists, to be deciphered.

Participating artists: Fredrika Anderson, Dorna Aslanzadeh and Linn Lindström.