Two Little Birds

Sarah Jost, 3/10-1/11 & Anna Nordström, 7/11-1/12

Address: Andra Långgatan 5, Göteborg
Opening hours: Mon- Sun at 11 am-6 pm

The café and the gallery Two Little Birds, situated next to Järntorget, exhibits two artists for two months.

Sarah Jost is the first artist. She works spatially with art pieces often formed from a history with many layers. Jost explores ideas of memory, silence, communication, and transformation, and is interested in how these definitions relate to each other.

The second exhibition is created by Anna Nordström. She uses textile techniques researching issues of work, status, power, and professionalism. By inviting an artisan whose work questions the conditions, structures, and principles within arts and crafts, Two Little Birds wishes to highlight an important part of historical writing.


Image: Hemma i en främmande skog / artist Sara Jost / Photo David A. Rios