Elin Stålhammar

Mölnlycke kulturhus

Malin Lager – Wrinkles in the bed and Elin Stålhammar - För övrigt är allt sig likt, det regnar lika mycket varje dag, 24/10-21/11

Address:Biblioteksgatan 2, Mölnlycke
Opening hours: Mon-Thu; 8 am-8 pm Fri; 8 am-5 pm, Sat: 11 am-3 pm 
Contact: bodil.hedberg.petersson@harryda.sewww.harryda.se/kultur

Two parallel exhibitions. A handful of letters telling a story of love at the end of World War II, underneath a shelf with three piercing nails, is the starting point for the exhibition of Elin Stålhammar.

The textile artist Malin Lager’s exhibition Wrinkles in the bed is based on the patterns created in the bottom fabrics of beds. Movements have become patterns of dreams left behind and traces of human lives.

On the day of the opening, there is also a collaboration with the association Textival’s project Textrakt. From Kulturhuset, there is a walking trail based on a predetermined text – an exploration of the relation between text and location. For more information, please see www.textival.se

Image: Elin Stålhammar