Konsthallen-Bohusläns museum

Och vad är frågan?, 5/9-15/11

Address: Museigatan 1, Uddevalla
Opening hours: Tue-Fri at 10 am-8 pm, Sat-Mon 10 am-4 pm
Contact: www.bohuslansmuseum.se

This exhibition features seven artists who are faced with difficult, incomprehensible or impossible tasks. In one space, a surgeon operates on a mechanical panda, in another a woman fails to speak in tongues. The exhibited works are simultaneous answers and questions. The participating artists, curated by Andreas Gedin, consists of Marie Andersson, Mats Bergquist, Kurt Dejmo, Carl-Johan Eriksson, Enno Hallek, Tove Kjellmark, and Anna Sandgren.