Galleri 54

Mattias Cantzler - 2,45, 9/9-4/10

Address: Kastellgatatan 7, Göteborg
Opening hours: Tue-Fri at 1-5 pm, Sat- Sun, noon-4 pm

In this exhibition, Mattias Cantzler shows a sculpture placed 245 cm above ground – the height of which is the world record in high jump. The object has a long and narrow form which extends from wall to wall, like a bar. The material of the sculpture is from a Volvo, model 245 station wagon, having been sent to the junk yard, compressed and melted down before being reshaped. 

A common thread running through the project is the interest for evolution and man’s desire to perpetually achieve new goals. In a sense, it is also about suspending the laws of physics.