Färgelanda art center in collaboration with Blå Stället

Kulturgarage på väg – Färgelanda-Angered-Färgelanda-Angered, 27/10

Pick up address: Färgelanda torg
When: 27/10 at 9 am, departure from Färgelanda to Blå Stället, Göteborg
Contact and registration: lars.andersson@fargelanda.sewww.fargelanda.se

Join us in an excursion between Färgelanda and Angered! The countryside meets the suburb; two areas with some differences but also with some similarities. Without a doubt, they are both outside of the actual centre and of the broader mainstream. The people in the locations have their history, but at the same time the sites have a history that is written and owned by what is outside.

A bus with children, youth, culture workers, and people involved in the local heritage society in Färgelanda travel together to Angered and Blå Stället, where there will be a workshop. At a stop at Muskotgatan 18 in Gårdsten, you can listen to a talk about the house at the address by people who have lived or are still living there.